Environmental Policy

With the guidance of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Sec2 Security will at all times endeavour to protect the environment from any form of pollution.


Sec2 Security aim to use reclaimed and recycled materials as often as possible.

Timber, glass, steel, copper and other materials are sent for recycling wherever possible to help minimise the need for unnecessary mining, excavation and production of new raw materials.

Our Flagship ATM Housing in particular is manufactured from at least 30% recycled material

Air Pollution

The company’s vehicle policy is designed to promote cleaner and healthier air for all to breath.

Under the Clean Air Act 1993, dust controls are constantly reviewed in a bid to reduce any unnecessary air pollution from works carried out. No fires are allowed at any of our sites or premises.

Noise Pollution

Noise and vibration pollution is taken into consideration at all times when choosing power tools, machinery and plant prior to any works being carried out.

Water Contamination

Sec2 Security does not drain chemicals of any kind into the sewage systems or river ways. Any liquid waste chemicals from heating systems etc are disposed of in registered waste disposal sites.

Waste Disposal

Under the guidance of Part II of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, only reputable waste disposable companies are vetted and chosen where skip hire and waste disposal is necessary when carrying out works.  Full information is given to the skip hire company as to the waste contents of the waste materials. Where applicable a sealed skip is used for the transportation of waste to prevent air pollution during transportation to the registered waste disposal sites.

Where site waste is required to be moved, we either remove from site ourselves and dispose of as above or we adopt the ON-Site Waste Management System.

Land Contamination

No waste, solids or liquids, produced by Sec2 Security are knowingly disposed of in a manner that will harm wildlife, vegetation or constitute any environmental hazards or risks to any persons.

Company Vehicles

All company vehicles are renewed every five years, are regularly maintained, serviced and repaired by a local reputable dealership/garage. The vehicles are chosen for their performance with regards to fuel consumption and emissions extracted, minimising the damage caused to the atmosphere by the burning and emissions from fuels and oils used.


Sec2 Security express that all chemicals and cleaners that may need to be used are to be environmentally green products.

Sub Contract Manufacturing

We monitor closely our carefully selected Sub-Contract Manufacturing Strategic Partners, who wherever possible are accredited to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001. One of our key Suppliers is accredited to both ISO 9001 & 14001 and also have 2 Queens Awards for Industry.

This environmental policy has been written using minimal information to keep it a 1 sheet statement (if double side printing enabled) to reduce the amount of paper required if printed.

Office Procedures

Sec2 Security actively encourages all suppliers and customers to use electronic methods to communicate. These include: invoices, statements, payments, drawings & tender documents. In doing so we have reduced our postal collection by 98% and postal delivery by approx 65%. Printing is kept to a minimum, waste paper collection for all office waste paper to be taken away and recycled. We also use recycled paper envelopes and paper as often as possible.

Office Technology

Wherever possible only business critical machines are kept switched on. These business critical machines are of the latest design with low energy consumption.

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