C.O.S.H.H Statement

Sec2 Security Limited can confirm that the company takes all the necessary steps to comply fully with the above regulations. We should like to draw your attention to the company’s core business which is in products manufactured from steel, timber, and glass and therefore whilst all industrial manufacturing processes used by the company do conform to the current regulations, the C.O.S.H.H regulations have no direct relevance to products supplied to our customers.

There are limited circumstances when the company may use substances subject to the C.O.S.H.H regulations when installing or servicing equipment on site. In such cases the substances used relate to the cleaning up of product and are carried in small quantities, and the use on site is very limited. When under taking any installation or service work the company ensures that proper training is provided to the personnel involved and detail the appropriate safety procedures required with regard to exposure limits when listed substances are concerned.

Updated HSE Guidelines are provided to ALL personnel.
Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jon Jeffery
Managing Director